GloBelle Story

GloBelle Affairs launched in 2011 as SouthernbelleinStuttgart — a BlogSpot travel diary to share my adventures with my social-media-novice, baby boomer parents when I moved to Germany. As an International Affairs graduate student and Air Force Lieutenant living in Stuttgart (Three hours from Paris, four hours from Prague, and two hours from the Swiss boarder) the wanderlust virus afflicted me hard. I have never recovered.

After two years of exploring Europe, completing an exciting assignment and earning my Master’s of International Affairs I still had voids in my education.  I still had so much more I wanted to know.  So I went back to school to fill it— this time with a focus in National Security Policy at Stanford.   After a breakdown catalyzed by a blue screen of death (which literally has only ever happened during midterms or finals), I started thinking about my What and Why? Perhaps this scholarly void in international affairs I’m trying to fill could be accomplished through putting tuition money toward travel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m doing both, but learning via jet setting was really what I wanted to do. And I know there’s more folks out there like me.

My approach to dissecting the world’s most pressing problems will always lean on history, culture, and travel but I recognize when that’s combined with the approaches and other disciplines  of others bigger breakthroughs happen. To facilitate those breakthroughs I want to share my discoveries and connections with you and learn from your experiences.

“You write in order to change the world … if you alter, even by a millimeter, the way people look at reality, then you can change it.” — James Baldwin

Since leaving my “ol’ Kentucky home” 10 years ago I’ve:

    • Earned a BA in History with focus on Non-Western History & studied abroad at Yunnan Normal University in Kunming, China.
    • Attained a BA in Integrated Strategic Communications (better known as Public Affairs, Advertising, and Account Management) University of Kentucky
    • Became a Master of International Affairs through University of Oklahoma while gallivanting Europe and without ever stepping foot in Norman, Ok.
    • Became a National Security Policy graduate student Stanford
    • In true millennial form, I ended up with a career that has little to do with my education as Cyber Officer in the Air Force. Since undergrad I’ve lived in Alabama, Germany, Qatar, California and Boston. I’ve worked in defending DoD networks, developing Air Force weapon systems, academia, NATO, Partners for Peace, and with joint and coalition forces. 
    • And my proudest accomplishment: I’ve visited all 50 States.

Even after stretching my southern comfort zone to the limits, I’m still a small town Kentucky girl with a dog named Memphis. My hopes are that my travels inspire backwoods wanderlusters to get out and explore this crazy beautiful world.